Welcome to EMU

English at MU (also known by its avicular acronym, EMU) is the place for lovers of words to gather, discuss, collaborate, and cultivate their talents at the University of Missouri – Columbia.  We are the official undergraduate English club.  Open to majors, minors, and wordsmiths and readers from all academic areas, EMU convenes bi-monthly on campus for various meetings, workshops, and special events.  We are organized and led by a board of dedicated students, and are continually looking for new creative souls to add to our literary community.  Check out our Meetings & Events page to take a glimpse at our upcoming opportunities!

Executives & Editors

Get to know our executive board of officers and editors, and consider applying for a future position! We’re still looking for a poetry and fiction editor for the 2018-2019 academic year- a special election will be held at the beginning of the Fall semester 2018!

Sabrina Brons

EMU President & EPIC Editor-in-Chief

Phoebe Kofman

EMU Vice President & EPIC Genre Editor

Allison Cho

EPIC Nonfiction Editor

Christian Kweon

EPIC Fiction Editor

Crystal Cox

EPIC Poetry Editor

Kyle LaHucik

EPIC Visual Arts Editor



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