Semester Wind-Down + EPIC Wind-Up

As we camp out in our respective study-bunkers and agonize over essays, let us look back upon the semester’s joys by way of the EMU we all know and love. We did a lot this semester—volunteering with the IEP Conversation Partners Program, Boys & Girls Club, and UNICEF; meeting and working with creative writers in the department; going to readings; having fabulous readings of our own; eating free Shakespeare’s and talkin’ to profs about what-have-you; meeting-banter—and, though we are done meeting for FS2010, there’s plenty of room to spill over into next semester. The big project of the spring, of course, will be EPIC, a literary magazine comprised wholly of work from Mizzou undergrads. Would you like to read for it? Would you like to submit? We would like for both things to happen (and yes, students can both read and submit to Epic, as our reading process is anonymous)! We still need readers, especially in nonfiction and drama; if you’re interested, contact Scott Scheese at <>, and he’ll get you on the list. If you would like to submit, listen here and I will tell you how:

1) Save your text file in doc or rtf format (please no docx files or pdfs); file type for images are at your discretion, but please make a sensible choice.

2) Send it as an attachment to EPIC@MISSOURI.EDU—do NOT send it to, as we will not receive it—with the genre in the subject line (e.g. poetry, fiction, non-fiction, drama, visual art, graphic narrative). EPIC’S SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS JANUARY 21ST, 2011.

3) Sit and wait patient-like until a decision is made. You will be notified of your final submission status in mid- to late spring.

Please encourage the writers and visual artists of your acquaintance to submit or get involved! We need all hands on deck (desk?) to make Epic a success in its 10th year of publication, and word of mouth is an important tool for a publication of this nature. In other words, we’re counting on you—no pressure. Now back to studying!


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