Poetry Nation

That’s right – April has come, and with it magnolia blossoms and pear blossoms and blossoms and blossoms and blossoms all over Mizzou. Spring has bewitched many a poet – in fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a poet who doesn’t have a spring poem – so it’s only fitting that April be named National Poetry Month.

A while back, the Poetry Foundation gave notice that, in the name of National Poetry Month, they would send up to 10 free copies of the April issue of Poetry magazine to any reading group who proposed to discuss the issue. (For those who aren’t familiar,  Poetry is a prominent journal of poetry and criticism established in 1912 by Harriet Monroe; its early contributors included Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, and other groundbreaking Modernists.) A box arrived at my house right before spring break with 10 copies we claimed in the name of EMU. This month, several of our members will be stealing a moment from their heady and hectic academic pursuits to blog about the experience of reading Poetry – and poetry in general. While you wait for the posts to roll in, why not check out Poetry’s April issue online and prime yourself for what promises to be an interesting discussion?


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