Updates A-plenty!

Have you been starving for an update? Destitute without your regular EMU fix? Well then, here’s the latest:

– An EMU meeting will take place on Monday, April 18th, at 7 PM in Middlebush 210. Can you make it? We hope so!

– Notifications for Epic are being sent out, maybe even as we speak. If you will be appearing in this year’s issue of Epic, congratulations! If you won’t be appearing in in this year’s issue of Epic, we hope you’ll consider submitting again next year.

– The release party for Epic—to which you all are invited!—will be at the end of April. Details forthcoming!

– The English Grad Student Association (EGSA) is having a BOOK SALE on April 12th! Feel like getting some books for $0.50-$1? Check it out.

– April is NATIONAL POETRY MONTH, also known as THE BEST MONTH (subjective, maybe). Check out the EMU blog, the Poetry Foundation, the Academy of American Poets, etc., etc., etc.—you can find even more etc’s for yourself! Also note that NATIONAL POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY is Thursday, April 14th—that’s next week, word-lovers! Let’s make it happen.

– National Poem in Your Pocket Day is also the day Dr. Maya Angelou will be speaking at Jesse Hall. Check it: http://boxoffice.missouri.edu/?p=472

– There are other readings and lectures and good things happening here pretty soon! Mary Troy will be reading some prose on April 11th—info here: http://creativewriting.missouri.edu/calendar.html—and Mizzou’s very own Cornelius Eady will be reading on the 19th! Find more information and more to do on the English department’s calendar: http://as-ical.coas.missouri.edu:8080/englishevents

– Did you see the Benefit Reading for Dean Young listed on the English department calendar? The date might be changed, but once the details are worked out, you should come! If you don’t know who Dean Young is, have a look at this and this and this. Really. Please do. He’s an amazing poet, an incredible professor (from everything I hear), and in what qualifies as desperate straits by anyone’s estimation.

Take a moment to catch your breath, then grab the nearest book and go enjoy the gorgeous weather!


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