Book Recommendation from Kelly Bohan!

Hey all you letterholics. Here’s a new book recommendation from Freshman EMU member Kelly Bohan! Check it out.
          So to blog about a book worth blogging about I’m going to declare Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand as my subject. This will likely come as no surprise to anyone that was at the first EMU meeting. When I checked out Atlas Shrugged from the library at my high school last year my librarian said, “Good luck. It sucks to read Ayn Rand.” I had checked it out by a recommendation from a friend so after hearing my librarian say that you could say I had some mixed feelings about what I was about to read. But my librarian was certainly wrong-at least in my opinion. Because once I started reading I couldn’t stop.
          The thing I like about this book is that it is so well-rounded, political and philosophical but without sacrificing entertainment. The book includes business, ethics, economics, science, philosophy, romance, mystery, intrigue, action, suspense and so many more aspects I am sure I’m not mentioning. A book packed with all of those surely must be either boring or just a plain mess one could think but that is certainly not the case. That book was so entertaining and so interesting I could not stop reading it. I would at the edge of my seat at work muttering the words under my breath during intense parts and I got so emotionally wrapped up in the book. The length gives the reader the ability to really grow attatched to the characters and the conflict and I certainly did. There were times I threw the book across my bedroom in frustration and anger but there were also times that I felt so joyous at what was happening in the book that I couldn’t help but talk to myself about it excitedly and do a little dance…alone of course. At work though… I really hope no one saw that.
          The point I’m trying to get at by explaining my weird reactions to the book is that it will definitely captivate you and make you feel something. If that’s not enough reason to read the book another would be not just how much it made me feel but how much it made me think. This book stretches your mind intellectually and presents the case of capitalism versus socialism in a way that is accessible to someone not usually too informed about politics. I know what both are, of course, but the book showed me the causes and effects of both of them. Not only does it open your mind about these subjects but it also introduces you to Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objectivism which you can agree or disagree with completely, or choose to agree or disagree with to a certain extent and then have your own differences. And it doesn’t stop there! If you weren’t learning enough about politics, bureaucracies, capitalism, socialism, philosophy, etc. the book also makes you learn a lot about yourself. This book gives me motivation to be the best, most successful person that I can be. It certainly makes me want to reach for higher goals and gives me the push to go for them!
          I would highly recommend this phenomenal novel to anyone and everyone because I am so grateful to have had it recommended to me last year!

2 thoughts on “Book Recommendation from Kelly Bohan!

  1. ahh! what a wonderful thing to see upon my first visit to this site. atlas shrugged is my absolute favorite book, and i can honestly say that it changed my life and the way i view the world. so glad to hear another english major enjoyed it as much as i did. 🙂

  2. Hurrah! Thanks! I’m glad to hear you liked it as well.
    But arrggghhh I see so many grammatical errors in my blog post it’s driving me insane. I should have triple checked it!

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