Intercession Class in need!

Hey English lovers:

A friend of mine is teaching this class and needs a couple more students to enroll! It looks pretty fun(ny)!

Want a good laugh and 2 humanities credits—FAST?

Enroll today!

January 3-January 13

English 2000: Laughter and Literature

M-F 1-3:30 PM  •   110 Tate Hall

#26542 on Myzou

And, here’s a brief course description:
English 2000: Studies in British Literature, Laughter and Literature  Claire Schmidt
Section 4

MTWTF 1:00PM – 3:30PM (2 credit hours)
Can literature be both funny and serious? This course explores the form and function of humor and comedy in British literature from Geoffrey Chaucer to Zadie Smith. We will read a variety of genres of British literature from a variety of literary periods and will practice close reading and critical analysis in two short (2-page) papers. As we discuss what makes a text funny, for whom, and why, we will wrestle with questions of canonicity, censorship, gender, vocabulary and literariness.


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