Happy New Year,…

Happy New Year, EMU members!

I hope you’re having a relaxing and well deserved break. I would like to take the time to tell you all about our organization, EMU (English at MU), and the things that we have coming up for this semester. Hopefully some of these tidbits will strike your interest and we’ll get to see more of you! (Because for real, we love people who love books the way we love books. It makes our little hearts go pitter-patter.)

Who we are: a group of undergrads who enjoy all kinds of text (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama), who gather to talk about these literary forms (in various settings), and who publish an Epic literary magazine at the end of the year. 

Things coming down the pipeline: 

1) First meeting of the semester! (January 30th at 7 pm in A&S 104) — We’re going to gear up to read for Epic! This will be your chance to ask questions about reading, Epic, EMU, and get to know some of our executive members better. 

2) Not one, but TWO Spoken Word Nights (Feb. 9th and March 22nd) — Spoken Word Nights are  evening events at coffee shops close to campus where we take the time to showcase undergrad work (read: poetry, short fiction and nonfiction). Think beat poetry night, except some of it is neither beat nor poetry. 

3) Semi-annual trip to Cooper’s Landing (TBD) — Cooper’s Landing is a camping site/general resting place located where the Missouri River meets the Katy Trail with inexplicable beauty. This event is purely for fun. We go, we sing along with the locals, we pet parrots (not a joke), we eat thai food, and we make memories. 

4) Epic Literary Magazine Launch Party (late April) — Our hard work of the semester comes to fruition with this most-beloved event. Authors being published in the magazine will be showcased, we get to see the stories bound and printed for the first time, and either Trey or I will probably have to make a speech (shiver in anticipation).

 Ways that you can get INVOLVED:

1) Submit to Epic by Janurary 17th, 2012! Send electronic copies of your fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, graphic short stories, and 2D art to epic@missouri.edu.

2) Become a reader for Epic! Readers are essential for the selection and publication process of a literary magazine. As a reader, you will read and discuss submissions for a genre. Essentially you will be deciding what gets published in our beloved magazine. Interested? E-mail our Editor-in-Chief, Trey Harris at tjhtx5@mail.missouri.edu!

3) Volunteer to help organize events! E-mail me, Katelyn, at kmmpnb@mail.missouri.edu!

Thanks for your time! I hope to see everyone at the upcoming meeting! And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. 




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