Take a Break From All the Paper Writing and Exam Stress

Now, I don’t know about all of you, but the past couple of weeks have been pretty rough. Now, with only one week of classes and finals week left, the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel, but it’s still a tiny, tiny speck in the very far distance. So, for this wonderful Friday, I thought I would offer some fun literary themed links to take your mind off of those papers and exams for a little while.

First, have you ever wanted to see wonderful pictures of famous authors with their pets? If so, I have just what you’re looking for. (My favorite is number 11, Kurt Vonnegut running on the beach with his dog, Pumpkin.): Authors and Their Pets

In sticking with the animal theme, what about your favorite books re-imagined with cats?

And for something completely different: The 10 Grumpiest Authors in Literary History.

What if all your favorite classic books had different titles? The Original Titles of 15 Classic Novels.

Also, here’s a look at the ideal bookshelf for some famous readers. For instance, this has books beloved by David Sedaris, Chuck Klosterman, and of course Tony Hawk (?).

Finally, December starts today, and your family is probably badgering you about what they should get you for Christmas, I know what I’m telling my family. I want a poster (or t-shirt) with a design comprised of the full text of my favorite book.




Have a good weekend! Try not to get too stressed!


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