English at MU (also known by its avicular acronym, EMU) is the place for lovers of words to gather, discuss, collaborate, and cultivate their talents at the University of Missouri – Columbia.  We are the official undergraduate English club.  Open to majors, minors, and wordsmiths and readers from all academic areas, EMU convenes bi-monthly on campus for various meetings, workshops, and special events.  We are organized and led by a board of dedicated students, and are continually looking for new creative souls to add to our literary community.  Check out our Meetings & Events page to take a glimpse at our upcoming opportunities!

Executives & Editors

Get to know our executive board of officers and editors, and consider applying for a future position!

Elizabeth Arnoldelizabetharnold

EMU President & EPIC Editor-in-Chief

Tonya Eberhardtonyaeberhard

EMU Vice President & EPIC Genre Editor

Annabel Amesannabelames

EMU Treasurer

kateherringtonKate Herrington

EPIC Nonfiction Genre Editor


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