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President/ Editor-in-Chief

Facilitates all meetings, final approval of the magazine, sets deadlines for the production and publication of EPIC, delegates and designs tasks for other officers and editors, works with treasurer on budgeting, collaborates with Vice President, and maintains social media.


Vice President

Second in command, event planner, community service chair and executor (including advertising), campus involvement/ awareness, organize venue/ dates for all events, collaborates with President, and maintains social media.


Treasurer/ Secretary

Works with ORG on funding/ budget proposals, remains aware of general deadlines through ORGsync and general expense records on finance division, SAVES DOCUMENTATION of budget proposals and general expense records on ORGsync website, Takes minutes/ notes at all meetings and distributes them to officers, works with Pres/ VP to organize fundraising events, and encouraged to participate in EPIC as reader


Genre Editors

Run group submission-review meetings, edits selected pieces, distributes information and submission to genre team, relays details of each genre meeting to the editor, responsible for brief contributor bios to include with each published piece, collaborates with the VP to gather readers for EPIC and assist in community awareness of the magazine, and encouraged to participate in EMU.



Designs EPIC and flyers for events. Collaborates with President and Vice President on social media. Encouraged to participate in EMU events.


About the Organization

English at MU is an undergraduate organization open to all aficionados of writing and literature. 

EPIC is a literary magazine published by EMU each year in the Spring. All submissions are produced and reviewed by Mizzou undergraduates.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to providing a community for undergraduate literature enthusiasts, as well as a place for English career exploration; and to form bonds between our members, students and faculty.


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